Why Sustainable Living

20130729 (205) Matevulu Blue Hole

Matevulu Blue Hole on the Island of Santo, Vanuatu. What a lovely, tranquil part of the world.

So what is it that drew me to the idea of Sustainable Living?

Sustainable living mostly pertains to living a lifestyle geared towards reducing the effect people have on the planet and its natural resources. To be sustainable, the Earth needs to be able to continue supporting human life indefinitely, but we as a population are disrupting the balance in nearly every aspect of our lives. My own idea of a sustainable living definition would be to incorporate ideas and perspectives from the areas of self-sufficiency, eco-friendly living and reducing the impact the world population in general has on the planet as a whole. So why am I so concerned about this planet and preserving what we have left? The answer is simple. It would break my heart to see places like the one in the photo here become ruined due to the continued pollution and depletion of the Earth’s resources.

A Cruise Opens Up A Whole New World

I first became more thoughtful about this idea after going on a cruise to the Pacific Islands. It was such an eye opener that not all people live with the same modern conveniences that I do. Not that I didn’t really understand the concept, it was more from a shift in perception that they were the lucky ones, not me, even living with all the mod-cons. They were happy living that life. I remember thinking how nice it would be and how we all would benefit from going back to the basics. Living off the land and treating it with respect. The people of these cultures I’m sure must be horrified to witness the lifestyle of my own culture. I am not suggesting we do away with all modern technology and convenience, but I do suggest familiarising ourselves with and becoming more mindful of what steps one might need to take to live more sustainably. After all, what would it hurt? If anything we would all become healthier and less toxic and mother nature will thrive and continue to produce abundantly for us.


This beautiful, lush, unspoiled location is an example of what we are doing right. This photo was taken at Lololima Cascades, Port Vila, Vanuatu on my cruise in 2013.

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint Is The Course We Must Take.

To define sustainable living and what the culprits are that leave such heavy footprints in our ecosystems, please visit my post about the Sustainable Living Definition in a separate category of this site. We don’t know the future, we can only guess, albeit with science to support the theories, at the long term impacts of continuing to live the way we do in this world. We hear about it everyday but I fear that many people still are not taking the prospect seriously enough. We only have one planet on which to live, we have the choice to lower the carbon footprints we leave, or not. So what will we do? It is certainly impractical to expect changes to occur instantly. We have to wait for technology to catch up for many of these changes required. I certainly don’t want to risk losing my home world on the off chance that the predictions about the future are wrong. Where would we go? Mars? I don’t really think I’d want to live on Mars. What a beautiful planet we already have, there’s nothing else like it in our solar system, that we are aware of that is. So what can we do in the interim? Plenty.  I’d like to introduce you to my site where it is my intention to learn about and share with you, simple methods of sustainability that we, as individuals, can take steps to implement in our everyday lifestyles, and share them with other people. My goal is to live on a fully self sufficient property one day, but I believe I am a long way from achieving that at present. So I am here to learn and share. Let’s start a chain reaction of change.

The Ripple Effect

You’ve heard of the Ripple Effect I’m sure. When a pebble is thrown in a body of water, you can see it with your own eyes, the ripples that are created, each one enlarging in all directions in a circular motion, and travelling outwards from the point of impact. It is said that one pebble dropped in the ocean can create a ripple that can travel all the way across the world ending in a wave crashing on an opposite shore. So many people doing small things together can surely spread those ripples of change and create a massive impact on the current state of affairs in the world. We each are a pebble dropped in the ocean, but look at what we might be capable of. We can make a difference, we do have a choice. I choose to help this world in which we live. Let’s do this and do it together.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing my findings with you.


16 thoughts on “Why Sustainable Living

  1. Hi Angie, i remember few years ago i read a book, i think it was called “Collapse” about the reasons for major civilizations collapses in the ancient times and from my memory it was not wars or asteroids, it was the environmental damage they created and in sustainability of their practices. I believe even a lot of current desserts are in place of the most ancient civilization sites. We surelly know enough by now Not to repeat the same mistakes! Hope more people get your messages!

    • Thank you Milena for contributing your thoughts on the subject. I hadn’t heard of the book ‘Collapse’ before but it sounds like something worth reading. More food for thought for the readers out there who want to know more and do more. My messages continue to develop and evolve as I delve deeper into this topic. As does my desire to see change increase with each newfound snippet of knowledge. Here’s to living long and well in a safe, sustainable world.

  2. Hi Ange,
    We share a common interest here. For me, I’ve always wanted clean and unpolluted air. Unfortunately, the cities we live in are polluted especially from the emissions produced by vehicles. This have a bad impact on our environment. I’ve always wanted people to move towards sustainable living because I believe that is the responsibility that God has given us – to care for this planet and the environment.

    Let’s do our part together in taking care of Earth.

    • Thanks Joshua,
      If we all just do even a little bit to reduce the damage we cause, it would be of so much benefit to the whole planet, not just for us, but for the future generations too. How sad would it be if they lived in concrete jungles and never knew what it was to have a park nearby, or a bushwalking track? Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi Ange!

    Your article holds a very important message and I am with you all the way. What world do we wish our children to inherite? I try my best to buy sustainable products, organic and locally produced. I am very aware of the problems that our enviroment are in and more people needs to speak up about it.
    Your pictures are amazing! Keep up the good work!

    Best regards


    • Hi Git,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and comments. I am still new to learning all there is to learn about sustainable lifestyles so I love hearing from people who are already striving to do their part for our planet, such as yourself. I’m glad you like my pictures, it was a beautiful visit to a beautiful place on the Earth and I really hope it will be there for the enjoyment of others for many, many years to come. Forever would be good. To see places like these makes us realise how truly blessed we are to have a planet such as the Earth. Looking at Mars, I don’t see anything like this there, nor anywhere else in this solar system we live in so far. I really hope there are some equally beautiful other worlds out there in the big cosmos, but unless we can find them, and soon, this is all we have and we need to look after it.
      Warm Regards

      • Hi Ange!
        I totally agree with you and there is so much to learn and I hope that more people will be inspired to change and take better care of our planet.

        Best regards

        • Hi Git.
          Thanks for taking the time to have a look around my website. I really do hope it becomes an inspiration to other people, even just to make small changes as a starting point. I realised that I wasn’t doing enough as an individual and that’s what prompted me to try to help others see how they too can do something about it. Small ripples make huge waves.
          Warm Regards,

  4. Hi Angie

    Great article on Sustainable Living. As a family man I am very familiar with trying to lower the cost of living in my household by being frugal and self sufficient. One of the many things we adopted was growing our own vegetables. This helped us not only save money and be more healthier, it also gave us time together.

    Thank you for this!


    • Hi Beau,
      I really appreciate your words of encouragement in posting my articles to this site to create more awareness for sustainable living. It’s amazing how many people are already making the effort to do something about it. I love that you are incorporating growing your own vegetables with spending time with your family. After all, isn’t that what life should be about? I still have a lot to learn, but at least I am finding ways to start and also ways to help others do the same. Baby steps!
      Warm Regards to you and your family

  5. Hey Ange,

    Thanks so much for this inspiring call to live sustainably.
    I think the call to a more green lifestyle is awesome and achievable too!

    To Your Goals,

    • Hi Alex,
      Thank you so much for your comments and for visiting my site. I love hearing what people think of the idea of sustainable living and also that they believe it is possible. I do. I wanted to write about it, as I learn myself and make small and steady changes as I progress towards achieving my goal of living on a fully self sufficient property. I know it may take me some years to get there, but I truly believe that is where I will be in the future. And the future for our planet looks more and more promising as people become more aware of how they can change little things about their daily habits to help.
      Warm Wishes

  6. Ange, I am intrigued by your beautiful website, and the contents therein. You are right that we should all do our best for the sustainable of our world. Best wishes for your quest for eco world.

    • Hi Lanu.

      Thank you for your expressing that you find my site intriguing, it is very appreciated. It’s nice when people take the time to let me know that they are enjoying what they are seeing and reading. It’s all quite new and I need to get more information out there so that I can feel like I am doing my bit to spread the word and help bring my quest to fruition, but it will come. That’s why I named my site ‘starting’ sustainable living, so that it is easier for people to understand that we have to start somewhere, even me.

      Warm Wishes,


  7. Thank you so much for creating this website. I worry so much about the future for our grandkids and their grandkids. The toxins and chemicals in the air we breath, in water and in the food we eat is ridiculous. We are destroying our earth and people don’t see it.

    My boyfriend has a cottage on an island off of the Susquehanna river and we go there on the weekends. I love being close to nature. It makes me feel close to God. Yet almost every weekend I end up pulling bottles, bags and other trash from the river. And often I will see a dead fish floating around. It is really sad.

    Thank you for making people aware and hopefully we can make the world a better place in the future.

    • Thank you Wendy.
      I am so glad that you brought this up. The more people understand the impact they make on our environment by littering, the better. Even a comment on a website is yet another way to get the word out. It’s such a shame that the river where you go to enjoy an experience with nature ends up turning into a clean up session for you instead of a peaceful relaxing event. I wonder what is happening to the fish if you are finding dead ones in the river. Hopefully the river has not become so polluted it has turned into a toxic place for the local water creatures. Wow, I was so excited to hear that your boyfriend has a cottage on the island. It sounds delightful (when not cleaning out the river). I hope you have many more enjoyable experiences there.

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