10 Ways To Go Green

Here are 10 ways to go green by making some simple changes on a daily basis in your choices or actions to reduce the waste and carbon emissions impact on the planet. There are many ways to take action but as a starting point, here are 10 ways to go green. If you are looking to make a good start on changing the current state of affairs, just doing these simple things will still cause change to occur. Even if it doesn’t seem as if your little contribution will do much, imagine then if millions of people all over the world were doing this too. Now it doesn’t sound so hard to conceive does it?

10 Ways To Effect Change


1. Artificial vs Fresh

Instead of Atificial

You could use what these people did. Just some branches in a vase.

Forget about buying artificial plastic flowers and plants to decorate your home, choose potted plants and fresh flowers. Potted plants help clean the air and provide more oxygen to your home. Fresh flowers may decay quickly but they have beautiful aromas and they don’t sit around in dumps for many years before breaking down.

Better yet, grow your own flowers and reduce the strain flower growing industries place on the environment by mass production and clearing of land. Branches and leaves can also make lovely decorations in your home, such as in this image. Chinese Lucky Bamboo looks very effective in a glass jar in just water and keeps for a long time. To pretty it up add some decorative stones, glass pebbles or shells perhaps.

2. Give Disposable Batteries The Flick


Batteries are one of the worst throwaway and non-environmentally friendly items around. Although at first it can be quite costly to change over to buying rechargeable batteries and a charger, it is well worth the investment if you are considering lessening your environmental impact. I prefer to buy items that don’t require batteries or that have a charging cord attachment. The less batteries used and discarded, the less there are in our land fill.

They are also a choking hazard to small children and may cause harm due to leakage. There have been some deaths with small children ingesting them and having them leak into their stomachs.

3. Revamp And Revive Pre-Loved Clothing


What about changing what you do when thinking of purchasing new clothes? So many people buy new yet never consider sprucing up an article of clothing they already own. Try recycling your own clothes to freshen them up, or make them look different. Buying at a second hand store such as a thrift store once again lessens the chance that the clothes will end up as landfill. Also give your pre-loved clothing to a thrift shop so that they aren’t just being cast away never to be useful to anyone else again. Not only will you be helping the environment but you are helping a homeless or poverty-stricken person keep warm next winter.

 4. Go Paperless


Gold Wedding Rings

Gold Wedding Rings

Are you getting engaged, married or having a celebration of some kind where you might be looking at buying invitations and having them printed on paper? If this is you, why not make them creatively on your computer and email them instead? If you must, print them on recycled paper or cardboard. Less trees will be cut down if people begin choosing this option rather than continue to use paper and cardboard for something that will usually just be thrown in the garbage if not immediately, but eventually anyway.

If you own a business, try giving electronic receipts and also opt for paperless whenever you can. When needing Bank statements, government letters, quotes and tickets, these can mostly be sent as an electronic statement or receipt. Choose these options and save many trees. This will also reduce pollution as well.

 5. Snack Attacks?

Fruit and nuts, the healthy snack

Fruit and nuts, the healthy snack


Are you a snack-a-holic? Take note of the packaging of the snacks you buy to see if they are recyclable. Change to snacks that have adopted the use of recycled or recyclable packaging instead of packages that don’t degrade in a short time. Include fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to snack on instead of carbohydrate and fat loaded highly processed snacks. It is very difficult to make such a change but do what you can and it will be a win for you and the planet.

For me personally, I’d like to try to grow my own fruit and then look into buying a dehydrator so I can keep some of my surplus fruits as dried fruits and give away or sell the rest. It’s a much healthier option for a snack, full of vitamins and minerals.

6. Water Is King, Treat It So!


They say western society particularly needs to drink more water. Do you opt for buying bottled drinking water? The plastic bottles that water is sold in are doing the environment more harm than good. Many people buy packs of a dozen or two dozen bottles of water. That’s a lot of plastic bottles to be recycled. Some people may buy a container of filtered water and use their own bottle to fill it, which has a less damaging effect on the environment. Try refilling the empty bottles with water and reuse them a few times before trashing them. If you can afford it, invest in a water purifier or filter of some kind and buy stainless steel drink bottles. This minimises a huge amount of potential rubbish that will take years to degrade if other alternatives, namely the popular fizzy drinks, milk and juices that many of us drink instead of water, continue to be drunk and cast aside.

7. Recycle Old Furniture or Pallets.


Pallet furniture - recycled

Pallet furniture – recycled


I have seen so many pictures on Pinterest, Facebook and other sites that give you step by step instructions on how you can use old furniture or pallets and turn them into something artistic, decorative and practical. Just yesterday I saw how someone had taken old dresser drawers, painted them up and hung them on the wall as shelving. They looked absolutely fabulous and so versatile. Pallets have been made into garden furniture and off ground vegetable patches too. Their versatility is only limited by our imaginations. If you have any old pallets laying around the place, put them to good use.

8. Turn Off Your Lights And Appliances When Not In Use.


Believe it or not, light globes contribute to gas emissions that are disrupting our atmosphere. Our white goods, TVs and anything else that runs off electricity is also a culprit in increasing green house gases and producing a global effect even though we are only one mere tiny little house among billons. Start finding ways to change this. Convert to LEDs or CFLs, turn appliances off at the wall socket and unplug them, yes, even if they are not running, and still sitting in the socket, apparently they still use electricity.


9. Make More Recipes From Scratch.


Avoid purchasing all of those heavily processed food items such as take aways, or prepackaged sauces and meals in a can. Start making your favourite sauce recipe from scratch. The less people that are buying these foods, the less packaged food will need to be produced, companies will be forced to reduce the amount manufactured. In turn, there will be less carbon dioxide emissions destroying our atmosphere. This will take time and planning but it will eventually become much more easier when you have on hand your best homemade sauce, soup or even juice recipes. Try making larger batches of them to freeze and save time the next time you make something. There are many stock bases that can be used for a wide variety of recipes.


10. Convert Your Personal Care and Cleaning Products.


Swap your cleaning stuff for environmentally friendly cleaners

Swap your cleaning stuff for environmentally friendly cleaners

There are so many chemicals in our cleaning, personal care and cosmetics that are simply no good for you and no good for the environment. There are many products available to purchase that are considered clean and green products due to the commitment of the companies who manufacture them to avoid harmful ingredients and also to having a conscience.

I have been swapping out chemicals for a while now. Sometimes I use ready made products that I purchase through either of two companies that I trust, or I use essential oils that I buy from one of these companies to make my own products. The same is true for all of my personal care products, I buy from either of these companies or I make my own. I’ll be putting up some of my recipes for these in other articles.


So here they are, 10 ways to go green, and so easy to put into place and they will not break the budget.

Save the planet,

save your skin,

and we’ll all find out

it’s win-win!

What other things do you do in your own homes to go green? Please share them in the comments section below and let’s help others do the same.

Warm Wishes




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