Green Living Ideas: From Unexpected Sources

I was talking to a lady recently about my sustainable living blog and how I believe we should be including green living ideas specifically for saving the planet on the whole, in the same definition. Part of that task involves learning about the kinds of things that people are doing to reduce wastage, or to discover what things could be recycled to make mankind move towards a more environmentally aware population and green up our planet. She mentioned to me about an interview she saw where British comedian/actress Joanna Lumley met with singer from the pop group The Black Eyed Peas. I didn’t realise that is rather full of green living ideas, especially from unexpected sources.


green living ideas, recycling, will-i-am, recycled water bottles, joanna lumley, joanna lumley documentary

Plastic Bottles plus Recycling Leads To The Production Of Suits And Other Clothing – A Green Ideas Man of the Future?


What my friend found fascinating was’s interest in technological advances, some of which are based around the use of greener technology along with converting waste into useful products. During the interview, drives Joanna around in his very modern, flashy electric car with all the futuristic conveniences. It was a beautiful looking car and I’d love to do an article on electric, or other, powered cars at a later date. For now I want to focus on his idea for using waste and recycling it into something practical and even valuable, clothing.


For the full interview watch this You Tube video clip. For information about this particular endeavour of’s watch from between 39 to 42 minutes into the video.



What To Do With Those Nasty Plastic Water Bottles has been behind a move to turn empty used plastic water bottles into other products. They have developed a way for the bottles to be recycled and reduced down to flakes, and then processed even further to create a kind of cotton as the end product that is apparently very silk-like in texture. This cotton has then been used to make fabric and clothing. Wow. Imagine how many coke bottles would be just lying around at a refuse collection station or recycling plant that could be used for something like this. That would be a VERY large and valuable contribution to saving the planet for such a hugely popular product to be used for. I can only speculate at the amount of waste that is produced by a company such as Coca Cola, let alone any of the other brands of soft drinks alone.  What a great idea.

Let’s Get The Big Companies Involved


Fabric, it seems, is only one of the products that this material made from recycled plastic bottles can be recycled into. Will had a set of plastic headphones in his hand as he was describing the technology and its my understanding that there are all kinds of other products that can be produced in a similar way. I had a look at a website where he apparently works in collaboration with companies such as Coca Cola to produce items from recycled bottles where waste is converted into 3D printed creations.

Nike Say – “Just Do It!”


Other popular companies such as Nike are being encouraged to produce their inventory partially using recycled components. I saw a variety of products ranging from jewellery and phone cases, shoes, chairs and other furniture. The term he is using is called Ekocycle, which is a trademarked name for the company that he works with. It’s pretty interesting stuff to see, especially since I’m fairly new to the whole concept of 3D printing. I saw the film The Fifth Element in 1997 where they printed a live woman from her DNA and that was the stuff of the future. I had no idea how close we were to achieving something like it, and now only 18 years later, here we are in 2015 with at least part of the concept becoming a reality.



Green Living ideas

The Making Of Leeloo. What looks like something similar to 3D printing was a concept used in the film The Fifth Element, to construct a person from their DNA blueprint. Here the bones are being built. Image courtesy of a blog on submitted by poolhouse


But Will It Make A Difference? Only Time Will Tell


I don’t know how much this new idea of utilising waste and turning it into something useable and practical will help towards a greener environment in the long term. This is due to not having any information on the mechanics of how the places that manufacture the 3D printers operate in terms of how much of a carbon footprint they happen to be leaving to produce these machines. But at least if we can just cycle, recycle and remake whatever we decide we don’t need or like anymore with the items we have already made, we can rest easier knowing that eventually less and less new plastics will be produced and hopefully we can halt their slow destruction of the planet. And that would be a fantastic and ideal solution to the build up of current waste.


3D Printing In The Future Is Already Here!


If they can already make handbags, fabric, jewellery, shoes, furniture and headphones, who knows, this may be the beginning of a new construction method for homes, vehicles, appliances, and basic everyday items. Something to look forward to. Ideally we would want to halt the production of new plastics altogether and use only what is already in circulation, which is why I would not recommend switching over to using these materials in place of other greener materials, but at least it is a option of what to do with our current waste. Green living ideas are out there, and as you’ve seen they can come from very unexpected sources too. It just requires extraordinary people to think outside the box and create them.

What are your own thoughts and ideas on how we could use this 3D printed plastics? Please leave a comment below. We may just yet start a revolution of green thinkers.


Thank you for reading.


To A Sustainable Future

Warm Wishes




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How To Do My Own Pest Control – Chemical Free Ant Solution

How to do my own pest control, chemical free, chemical free pest solution, chemical free ant solution

Home Sweet Home

A significant trend today is people asking themselves this question; how to do my own pest control? Can I find a chemical free ant solution, or an alternative to sprays for spiders, how can I keep cockroaches away? More and more people are discovering the large numbers of chemicals that are bombarding our homes and our bodies. Many of these chemicals are doing a lot of physical harm, some of them accumulating in our tissue for many years before the damage they have done becomes apparent. Pesticides fall into this category. This is why people are now looking for alternatives.


Today We Delve Into Ants


In this particular article I will be discussing the problem of people finding themselves suddenly getting overwhelmed by ants? Yes, you guessed it. A colony of ants moves into your house and what is the first thing they do? They make themselves at home, eat anything and everything, getting in all kinds of nooks and crannies, and before too long you are left pulling your hair out wondering what to do with them.


Want to go ‘Pink Panther’ on these ants?


In other words – Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.


Would you like to try a chemical free ant solution to get rid of these pests without causing you to be inhaling all kinds of nasty chemicals found in those insect sprays? I know I would. I recently came across a solution that I am going to tell you about. It certainly is a much cheaper option, much more safe, and very easy to apply.


Got Ants? Never mind. They’ll be gone in a jiffy and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.




An Anteater is a possible solution, but that’s not it.

How To Do Own Pest Control

Warning, warning, anteater alert.

Is an anteater the solution? Well perhaps if you have access to one and you don’t mind cleaning up after them, it wouldn’t hurt. But I had something different in mind. Something that will have the ants shouting warnings to each other and packing up their food and homes to leave you to your own.


Grab the Food and Run

Bathroom Ant-ics.



Pesky little critters these can be.
Image courtesy of SweetCrisis at

If you are reading this article it may be that like me, you have a problem. I have an ant infestation in my bathroom. They seem to be living behind my wall mirror and it’s becoming a real nuisance causing me to have to wipe everything down of all the dead ants on a daily, if not more, basis. I’m not seeing their trail, and I’m not seeing any live ones and I don’t know why they are dying, although I suspect it is from something they ate.

I thought wiping down where I thought their trail might be coming from might confuse them and cause them to move away, having broken their scent trail, but it doesn’t appear to have deterred them from living behind my mirror.


Hundreds Of Them


There are hundreds of them and every day without fail, I come into my bathroom after having cleaned them all up the day before, and lo and behold, there’s more of them. And hundreds again. I think they are eating the glue behind the mirror, thankfully the mirror is screwed on too, but I can’t be sure that is what they are doing. All I know is there are hundreds of them and they are all dead when I find them the next day


Here Are More Ant-ics


Why did the ant-elope?

Nobody gnu!

Is There A Safe, Chemical Free Solution?


I heard there was an easy fix, using of all things, cornflour, or cornstarch. The solution is to sprinkle a little cornflour at the point where they are coming in to your home, and I would also sprinkle some across any trails you find, and apparently they will just go, disappear, voila, poof, gone. So, today, I am going to go and buy some cornflour from the supermarket (I’ve run out at home) and try this to see what kind of results I get.  Cornflour is so cheap to buy, usually you can pick it up for a dollar or two, and you can use it many times before the packet runs out. So easy, cheap and natural to use, especially seems that most people would already have cornflour on hand in their pantries anyway.


So What Next?


Now it’s time to go and find the place where they are entering my home and getting behind my mirror. This will probably be the most difficult task as I haven’t seen them coming in from anywhere. Failing that, I will just sprinkle the cornflour around a few places and sit back and wait. I will come back and let you know how it all goes. The cornflour appears to work for two reasons, it has a tendency to block the area where they might enter and due to its light powdery consistency it must make it difficult for them to breathe with the cornflour coating their exoskeletons, along with impaired senses and ability to climb without slipping.


Meanwhile, if you try this at home, please drop me a comment to me to let me know if it worked for you. If this doesn’t work I will look for something else to share with you.



How_To_Do_Own_Pest_Control,Purification, therapeutic grade essential oils, essential oils, young living

Purification blend of therapeutic grade essential oils.


I wasn’t able to find the entry point of the ants currently, but sprinkling cornflour around has made a difference in one area where I think they might have been coming in. No more ants there.

I also found a huge trail of ants in my garage just the other day and because I couldn’t get to them with cornflour, I placed a drop of Purification Essential Oil across a few areas of the ant trail ahead of where they were going and herded them back towards their point of entry. Because this particular brand of therapeutic grade oils is very potent, the aroma was very strong and so I left the garage and closed the door, leaving the ants to run away from the scent and out of my garage.  The scent would have been extremely overpowering for their little bodies to cope with.


The Little Tykes Don’t Like Essential Oils


Purification is a proprietary blend of oils including Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melaleuca alternifolia, Myrtle, Citronella and Lavandin and is only available through Young Living. Because of their seed to seal guarantee of quality, and non-use of chemicals in their extraction process, I only trust this company when purchasing essential oils.

You may also make your own deterrent spray using this oil. The aroma will get into the areas you can’t and will help to drive the ants away. You simply need to add about 10 – 20 drops to a 60oz spray bottle and fill with 30 oz water and 30oz neutral spirits. Or you may simply use a smaller bottle and reduce the liquid quantities and drops of oil accordingly.


Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have used any other safe, non-toxic ways to rid your home of ants. Other people may be asking themselves “how to do my own pest control”, and they too may benefit from all of your answers.


Happy Ant Removal




For Sustainable Living, Do You Need A Green Thumb?

Since embracing the idea of a sustainable lifestyle, one very important question springs to mind if you plan to grow your own herbs. For sustainable living, do you need to possess a green thumb? I believe it is important to do something, anything, to just make a small start to this new way of living. What better way to start this, than with the satisfying feeling of growing your own food, or in this case, a herb garden as a beginning point? Just yummy when you add them to your food and don’t forget they have medicinal qualities too, if you have the right herbs.

Are You A Green Thumb, Brown Thumb or Black Thumb?

for sustainable living, do you need a green thumb, sustainable living,

Green Thumbs always seem to have success

For the sake of clarity, let me tell you what I mean by green thumb, brown thumb and black thumb.

A green thumb is someone who can grow plants without even trying very hard. They always remember to water them, they plant them in just the right spots and choose the right fertilisers.

A brown thumb is someone who doesn’t always remember to water the plants, takes pot luck at planting them wherever they may grow and can usually coax some life into a plant. Some live and some die.

A black thumb is someone who no matter what they do, they never seem to be able to grow plants. They NEVER remember to water them, or if they do, they over-water them, they put too much fertiliser in or none at all, and they plant the seeds or seedlings in the exact place they shouldn’t be, either in too much sun or not enough.


Lock Me Up, I’m A Danger To Plants Apparently


In light of this, I realised that one of the first things that I need to look into is my current capability in terms of growing my own food. Yep, you guessed it! I’m a black thumb. Not a green thumb nor even a brown thumb. A Black thumb.

In other words I spell doom, gloom and death for plants. Ask anyone who knows me and they will laugh and tell you I am telling the truth here. My friend has even had to rescue indoor plants of mine, and you can’t do much wrong with them can you? Actually I wouldn’t really know this because anything to do with greenery is just not my forte’. My Mum is the gardener in the family.


My Herb Garden Bites The Dust

For-Sustainable-Living-do-you-need a-green-thumb, For Sustainable Living, Toothache plant

I read somewhere that you can chew the leaves of this plant for toothache relief.

Let me give you an example. While I was doing my Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy degree, I studied the subject of Herbal Medicine Botany. I loved it. I couldn’t wait to start growing my herb garden so that when it came to learning how to use the herbs for medicinal purposes, I would have them on hand ready to go.

I bought a few different types of herbs. From memory, I brought home Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, Calendula, Comfrey, Basil, Echinacea and something called the Toothache Plant. I was fascinated by the fact that mother nature has provided us with such a wonderful plethora of healing agents right outside our doors.


The Grim Reaper Of The Plant Kingdom Strikes Again


Naturally I looked after them well and they thrived. NOT!!! I don’t know what happened, but they died. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Dead, gone, dusted. Not one single one was saved. I can only put it down to the fact that my thumb is definitely a black one, with a grim reaper attached just to be sure the poor plants didn’t survive. I was so disappointed.

My subject told me all the great qualities of these plants, hinted at growing them so that you can make your own tinctures, ointments and teas, but sadly it didn’t tell me how to keep them alive. I definitely need to do my homework once I decide to start growing herbs again. My daughter is growing a lovely Heirloom Rosemary plant and an Heirloom Coriander also, and it is growing really well. I had better not get too close then hadn’t I?

What Did I Do Wrong?

Really, what did I do wrong? Some say I didn’t water them, although I’m sure I did on occasion. It is highly possible I watered them at the wrong time of day also. I have heard that when you water plants, if you live in a hot climate like I do, it is best to water them in the evening so they don’t get burned in the sunlight after watering them. This is a definite possibility because they were in the sun a lot. I also think I may have placed them in the wrong position. I had them on my front porch where they were exposed to full sunlight for a large portion of the day and I’m wondering if this was the reason they did not survive, they were in the sun when they were watered too getting back to the other thought of not watering them until the evening. Needless to say, I really need to do more research on growing herbs, before I can even attempt to go to the next level and grow food in terms of vegetables and fruit.


Not A Green Thumb Either?


Gardening Tools of the Trade

So in answer to my title question, for sustainable living, do you need to have a green thumb? Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt. But for someone like me, having the right tools and a good source of information wouldn’t go astray and would make the impossible seem possible. I’m hoping that this website will allow me to conduct my own research and then provide some information on what I have learned on starting a herb garden.


What I Need Are Some Resources To Guide Me


I intend also to add some resources here to you to help you grow your herbs, and be on your way to a sustainable lifestyle. I think a section that covers the medicinal uses of these fantastic plants would be prudent to my efforts to educate you and to help you become more self sufficient. After all, we may not always be able to have access to supermarkets and doctors, especially if we keep destroying this beautiful, and one of a kind, planet.


Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for the next installment of how not to kill your plants.


Comments are most welcome so please add to this discussion. Do you have any funny stories yourself about killing plants?




Photo of Toothache plant courtesy of the Mudbrick Cottage Herb Garden at



Sustainable Living Definition – My Take On It

Sustainable Living – What Does That Mean?

Sustainable Living Definition

Nowhere To Go

Sustainable Living Definition


The sustainable living definition describes a choice, actually a necessity, that is about living a lifestyle directed at reducing the effect people have on the planet and its natural resources. To be sustainable, the Earth needs to be able to continue supporting life; human, animal and plant life alike, indefinitely, but we as a population are disrupting the balance in nearly every aspect of our lives. We take and take and take but give very little back.




We need to STOP, NOW! My own view on this definition is to incorporate ideas and perspectives from the areas of self-sufficiency, eco-friendly living and reducing the impact the world population in general has on the planet as a whole. As the image above suggests, we really are living on this planet as if we have another one to go to. It’s time to wake up, smarten up and do things differently. If we take it one step at a time, we can slowly bring about this change. But it has to come from everyone if we are going to turn things around.


Sustainable-Living-Definition,windmill, Wind power, sustainable living

Windmill = Wind Power

Self sufficiency – generally means that there is no requirement for any assistance in terms of aid, support, and interaction to be able to survive. In relation to an entire economy that is self sufficient, this means that there is no trade conducted outside of the community, area, place that is self sufficient. However, I would like to see the addition of helping each other by way of trade or other means so that self sufficiency does not become a situation of every man for himself. This would not suit my ideals at all.


Live “Off The Grid”


Self sufficiency often involves living ‘off the grid’ in terms of not relying on sources of power from electricity companies, instead solar power or other energy generating methods are used. Water is sourced from somewhere nearby and not from town supplies. People grow their own food, make their own dairy products such as butter and cheese and also grind their own flour. They keep animals such as goats, cows, chickens for a source of meat, milk, eggs, etc and make their own clothes, cleaning products, and other items of comfort. Not all people who live self sufficiently, live green as well.




Our Earth, Look After It – Stay Clean Stay Green

Eco-Friendly Living – is the state of living without causing harm to the environment. This may mean that a person uses non-toxic building supplies, no chemicals for cleaning the home, using materials that have been made from natural substances for clothing and shoes, use solar or other power sources, driving electric cars. The idea being that by using less items that produce carbon emissions the carbon footprint of yourself individually can be reduced. If everyone chose to do this, there would be a huge beneficial impact on the current state of affairs within the world.


We Need To Interconnect Eco-Friendly And Self -Sufficiency


Not all people who are living eco-friendly lifestyles, are living self sufficiently. What I’d like to suggest is that the two become interconnected. Many people do live both ways, but I believe everyone should strive for this kind of lifestyle as best they can in each of their own circumstances and hopefully one day ALL people will live in this way.

Carbon Footprints – What Are The Main Culprits?


Sustainable-Living, Definition,Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprints Need To Be Reduced


So how can I contribute, even in a small way, to help this process along? How can you? Let’s consider what we can do as individuals, or as a community if possible, to lower our carbon footprint on the Earth and start being conscious of our uses of natural resources. Carbon footprints are also known as greenhouse gas, which from my understanding is basically the emitting of carbon dioxide and methane into our atmosphere. However I believe there also are many other substances that are released into the environment that contribute to a drastic reduction in the Earth’s ability to continue to support the people here and these will be discussed further in future articles.  The three main culprits in emitting greenhouse gases are generally as follows:


1. Transport And The Associated Fuels.


Definition Sustainable Living,Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars are a start. Electric and Fuel based

Nearly all modes of transport have the ability to cause an imbalance in the ecosystem of the Earth. These might include transport by road, air, rail, water, space, cable and pipelines. The areas causing problems fall into the categories of infrastructure, vehicles and operations.


We Are Making Progress, But Is It Enough?


We can alter this by developing fuels and so forth from renewable resources but they must be able to be replenished quicker than they can be consumed. One day even these hybrid cars will hopefully be completely changed over to being fully economically friendly. The world is changing it’s views and becoming more aware of what is causing problems with sustainability, but is it happening fast enough? I am really looking forward to seeing what is developed in terms of transport in our future.



2. Energy Consumption


Sustainable, Living, Living off the Grid

Living off the Grid

Energy Consumption plays a big role in the diminishing of natural resources. Just in a domestic home we use energy in many areas of our lives, such as heating, hot water systems, refrigeration, cooling, lighting, washing, drying, cooking, and items like plug-in electrical devices. And this is just in our homes. I dread to think what large companies, producers and industry use every single day they are producing their wares.


Choose Greener Options


We can look to swapping out what we are using now with more greener and longer lasting methods. For example, simply changing our light bulbs to more energy efficient ones will make a vast difference in one home’s carbon footprint in a single year. We live convenient lives but there are still many items available that won’t take us back to the dark ages, but may use older methods with new mechanics. I saw recently that there is now a washing machine that is worked by a foot pump rather than by using electricity.


3. Our Dietary Habits


Chemical Spraying on Crops

Chemical Spraying on Crops

Our dietary habits place their own problems onto the sustainability of the planet. The amount of land cleared for huge agricultural projects just to produce processed foods, means less unspoiled land but adds to the production of foods that are no longer nutritionally sound.


We Are Poisoning Ourselves Along With Our World


Not to mention the poisoning of the soils with chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Or the depletion of quality soil to grow crops in. The convenience and processed food industry and subsequent by-products of manufacture alone would be a horrendous contributor to the energy consumption, waste, environmental impact and dietary disasters of this world. Somehow we have to force ourselves to say No.



Other Factors Affecting Sustainability Are:


Factory Belching Smoke, pollution

Factory Belching Smoke

  • The manufacturing of goods and materials
  • The buildings we live
  • The shops we buy our goods from
  • The places we work in.
  • The Take Away foods we eat
  • Household pollutants
  • Waste products
  • Logging
  • Adding hormones and antibiotics to plump up our meats for eating
  • Genetically modifying of our plant and animal life known as GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • The pouring of chemicals from personal usage into the waterways by simply bathing
  • To name just a few

Join With Me, Come With Me On This Journey!


Let’s discover together how we can reduce our impact. Let’s make a choice to uphold the sustainable living definition by doing everything we can as individuals. If you can, do more. You may want to lobby for changes, you may want to fund raise, you may feel drawn to a particular pet project that has you saving a tree in your community, you may want to blog about it like myself to raise awareness and provide solutions. I don’t expect to be able to incorporate everything into my lifestyle, but I do want to do my best with what I am able to. I have a dream that one day I will live on a fully self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable property. I hope to achieve that goal in my lifetime. Moving forwards let’s make sure we include green directives in the sustainable living definition.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing this adventure together. If you are doing something that you feel you would like others to know about so they can do the same, please leave a comment below. I am sure my readers would love other ideas for ways to live greener, cleaner and more self-sufficiently to maintain the sustainability of our planet.

Warm Wishes


Eulogy To A Recyclable Friend – A Tongue In Cheek Look At Recycling

A Devastating Loss

For 25 years my friend has been loyal, faithful, and reliable, only in need of some very infrequent TLC, a real gem among lesser treasures and a pleasure to work with. Alas, I must say my goodbyes to a wonderful component in my life and wish beyond hope that your devotion will be recycled in your next mode of being.


My Knight In Shining Armour!


Eulogy to a recyclable friend

My Knight In Shining Armour

I am speaking of an inanimate object that has been part of my life since before my daughter, now 26, was born. It was entrusted to care for the health and hygiene of the most precious of gifts in life, a newborn baby. And since then, it has been a member of my household through all of my ups and downs, from my happy times, my daughter’s childhood leukaemia, through a separation and divorce, and finally, becoming a stalwart beacon in the years following, adding its support to my own strength and survival. Never complaining, always working hard, functioning without fault, and standing its ground in the face of becoming obsolete as new and improved models came into the fold. To that end, it performed valiantly, fighting to its very last puff, to carry out its duties.


I Knew It Could Not Last Forever!


Sadly my dearest, your time in this world is over, but I couldn’t have asked for better service from you. No matter what was going on, I could always depend on you to get the job done. You were an achiever, a valuable addition to our home life, and the best assistant anyone could want. We looked after each other, you more than me, and now that you are gone, your memory will live on. I”m thankful that I did look after you by not putting harsh and non-environmentally friendly chemicals inside you and added to your longevity. Every time I feel the sorrow of your loss, I also consider that you’ve moved into another place. I am comforted knowing that you will continue to bless the world in your next plane of existence and become a respected and recycled member of society. I salute you my friend, my protector, my worthy knight!



You Will Rise Again In Recycled Glory


This article is in honour of my washing machine, who lost its battle with time today, and which I very much doubt will be able to be replaced by a worthy enough machine to last the 25 years that it provided a service to me. To the company Hoover who manufactured the Elite model, thank you for producing such a fantastic, tough and lasting product. It will be missed, especially since nowadays washing machines rarely last more than 4 or 5 years, so they say. In this throw-away society we live in today, things just aren’t built to last like they used to be. Although I bought a brand new machine this morning, I expect I’ll need to start saving my pennies for the next one.


Your Light Will Continue To Shine Wherever You Are


Wherever my trusted old washing machine was taken away to, I’d like to think it will be recycled and put to good use in some environmentally friendly way, because I am an advocate of saving our planet as much as we can. Perhaps a use, like this wind turbine that is helping to provide power to homes in an effort to reduce the electricity consumption would be an appropriate after life for my washing machine. See this story by David Liston at



This wind turbine is made from a recycled washing machine.

A Final Farewell And A New Beginning


I’d like to share my final moments with my washing machine with you in the following image. I must admit, it took all of my self-restraint not to throw myself on it, crying out “why did you have to leave me?” But I knew it would not like that, it would want me to move on and be strong. So I said my silent goodbyes (the men collecting it would have thought I was rather odd anyway), took a photo of what would be my last moments shared with it as it was hauled down my stairs and taken away. I turned to my new appliance, adoption papers in hand, welcomed it to my humble abode, and proceeded to read the care and operation instructions as it started its new habitation with me.


Eulogy_to_a_recyclable_friend, recyclable

RIP My dearly departed, recyclable friend, may you rest in peace

May Your Carbon Footprints Always Be Small!


I took the liberty of immortalizing it by putting pen to paper and writing a poem. Please bear with me as I add this altered and much-shortened version of Eleanor Roosevelt’s poem “Footprints in Your Heart”, and forever preserve its memory right here on this page.



 “Many companions,

walk in and out of your life

But only true and loyal machines

leave boot imprints in your lino”.



In closing, and to add a lighthearted note, please watch the following 15 seconds video, which brings together two things close to my heart, a washing machine and a reference to Star Wars, both representing my all-time favorite heroes. All I can say is I hope this is not what happened to my faithful friend.

May The Force Be With You!





If you too, are interested in caring for our planet, and your health, please realise there are choices and information out there. We can choose to recycle our old washing machines and other white goods. We are able to use greener options by reducing our plastic usage. We can use energy efficient household goods and light globes. We can reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that we use daily and switch to other more environmentally safe products. We can even look after our own bodies by paying attention to what we put on it.

Thank you for reading my not so serious article. I thought adding some fun elements to my site might help remind you to come back and visit every now and then to see what other ideas and options are possible so we can all choose wisely when it comes to our planet, environment and health.



Until next time,


3 Cheers for Hoover & Recycling.


Take care and good wishes






Image of recycled washing machine being used as a turbine courtesy of Image courtesy of


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