What Easter Gifts For Children Can Still Be Green?

We’ve talked about decorating your own Easter eggs in another article. Now I’d like to talk about chocolate Easter eggs. What Easter gifts for children can still be fun and kept ‘green’?  There are ways that you can have all of the wonderfully colourful and gorgeously crafted chocolate versions of Easter eggs by making them yourself. You can keep it relatively simple and use cooking chocolate, or you can choose to decorate with coloured white chocolate, you might make your own wrappings and molds, and even go so far as to make your Easter gifts for children and adults alike with raw chocolate made from scratch. The creative ideas will start pouring out once you know the basics.


Prefer Chocolate Eggs?


What Easter gifts for children

Easter Bunny Couple

Still keen to keep it green and homemade, but prefer chocolate eggs instead of decorated? That’s OK. You can still choose chocolate Easter eggs but maybe try to make them at home. This cute little bunny couple has been homemade from white, dark and milk chocolate and most likely made from plastic molds.


Be As Creative As You Like


For something like this, if you decide to still use plastic molds, at least check if they are ones that will last many years so we are being mindful of reducing landfill and other waste. You can purchase cooking chocolate to melt and pour to create beautiful designs like this, or make your own version. The rabbits in the picture to the left requires that you paint the areas with colored, or white melted chocolate, to create the detail on them, such as the white ears, cheeks, eyes and clothing.


Break The Mold Of Bunnies And Chickens


If you don’t require them to be specifically bunny or chicken shaped, there are plenty of items you can use as molds if you just have a look in your kitchen. I know you can buy plastic molds at the store, but remember if you are trying to reduce the problem of plastics waste, using something a little different and not necessarily traditional might just do the trick.

There are of course metal molds for jellies and other confectionery and these would still work for what you need. Be a little creative! Dig around in your kitchen drawers and see what shapes and designs turn up. Bear in mind too, that melted chocolate can be painted on to a flat chocolate to create a work of art, and also that white chocolate can be coloured with food colouring and used to decorate chocolate designs too.


Silicone Putty Molds


While this is not a biodegradable choice, you can make your own molds using a food safe silicone putty making product. My suggestion to keep this option as green as possible is to look around a few thrift shops or dollar saver shops for some ornaments such as rabbits, chickens or other type of Easter theme that have some detail in them. You can use your silicone putty to mold around the outside of the ornament, pushing in to the design and detail as much as possible and then leave it to dry and harden overnight. Then you simply slice an opening into it, use something hot to bake it to make it food safe by removing chemicals from it, and wash it ready for use. You simply pour the melted chocolate into the opening and wait for it to set. You can create solid or hollow eggs in this way, simply by slicing the mold all the way through for hollow eggs, or only partially slicing for the solid kind.


Why Silicone Not Plastic?


My reason for suggesting this instead of plastic molds, even though it is still not biodegradable, is that plastic molds break easily and need replacing more often, meaning more plastic in our land fills and recycling centers. With silicon putty, you only need one of these molds to make as many chocolate bunnies or chickens as you like, allowing time to prepare them of course, and you are still reducing your impact on the environment by using a longer lasting product. Silicone is also recyclable. Your molds that you make from these using ornaments or imprints will make your children’s Easter gifts very original instead of the same store bought items available for most children. You can still use white or coloured chocolate to add detail and colour to these gorgeous eggs.


Have Fun With Your Easter Egg Hunts And Never Need Fancy Wrapping Paper




Easter Bunny Garden Variety.


There are many ways you can spruce up your home made chocolate eggs without having to wrap them, however I do recommend not leaving them outside without some form of covering if they are to be left there for some time. Ants will have a field day with these delectable delights if left unattended. There is also the sun that may cause melting issues so placing in shaded areas would be best.


Spruce It Up With Nature


Some sprucing ideas if doing an Easter egg hunt. Place the chocolate bunnies etc in amongst some beautiful flowers in your garden that will add colour and brightness to them if they don’t have any extra decorative effects. Add ribbons or bows for some colour, or dried flowers. Some people have hand sewn bags of hessian or colourful material to place their designs in and decorate with a beautiful bow or dried flowers or sprigs of herbs such as rosemary or lavender.


Add A Dash Of Fun


Hide the eggs in unusual places, or as if they are performing actions such as on a swing. You can think up all kinds of funny positions to place them in if you feel that is needed. In our family, we write clues from Easter Bunny to locate their baskets. We send them on a trail to find the next clue and the next so that it adds to the fun of the hunt. You can decorate these clues to pretty them up, or write the clues on pieces of wood or bark to save on paper.

Raw Is Not Just Good, It’s Better!


Remember, eating chocolate does not have to be unhealthy either. You do not have to resort to store bought cooking chocolate. There are plenty of recipes available to Google users, or Pinterest etc, that tell you how to make raw chocolate Easter eggs. I warn you that raw chocolate is very rich in flavour, therefore anything you make you will probably prefer in small bite size tastes. I can pretty much guarantee no one will be eating the entire egg in one sitting. It also doesn’t set quite as dry as store bought cooking chocolate but is firm enough to hold it’s shape, just a wee bit sticky, however it is very nice.


For an easy raw chocolate recipe that uses only 3 ingredients, pop on over to http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/3-ingredient-raw-chocolate-recipe and make home made raw chocolate to your heart’s content.

The 3 Simple Ingredients Are As Follows:


1 cup of raw cacao

2-3 Tablespoons of raw honey

1 cup of cacao butter or use coconut oil instead


The recipe on the Food Matters website also has some yummy ideas to add to the chocolate to give it that extra special oomph and you will find the method very simple. I’d like to put it on here but it’s their recipe so they should get the credit for it and a visit to their page.



Easter Bunny Hiding

Fill An Item With Chocolate Instead Of Wrapping It


If you are more inclined to wrap your eggs but don’t feel like making something, there are also hollow wooden eggs available, that you can buy and reuse every year. All you need to do is fill them with your yummy homemade chocolates for an even more green version of Easter. These are blank too, so you can paint and decorate them as you like. They are relatively inexpensive so if you feel that way inclined you can buy new ones each year and decorate to your heart’s content.

Why Not Recycle The Foil Wraps?


Should you decide to go with the eggs that are pre-wrapped and not homemade, then please consider how you will dispose of the wrappings. If you are into recycling in any way, here’s an idea of how you can use the foil wrap. Many years ago my mum taught me how to use my finger to rub over the paper and smooth out the crinkles in each of the foil wrappings. It takes a bit of time, and you need to be very careful not to tear the pieces, but we used it as craft paper and made it into beautiful pictures by cutting out the paper to the shape we needed, and then gluing it to an picture that we had outlined earlier. For an example, we did a lovely Spanish dancing lady complete with a frilly skirt and veiled head piece. I really wish it had been kept now, all these years later.


Mosaic Designs Are The In Thing


It is also easy to paste scraps over each other and make up a mosaic of sorts. I just recently saw a Mister Maker episode and he was using all kinds of paper off-cuts for the scales of a fish that he was making. I realised at that time that the foil from Easter Eggs would make some really great scales and there are so many colours available, with so many different designs as well. I am sure you can think of many other ideas to use it for now that you have the inclination to put some thought into it. You’ll be amazed at how lovely these works of art look.


This article has hopefully answered your question of what Easter gifts for children can be made in as green a fashion as possible in this article. This means that you can still enjoy all the fun side of things that Easter has to offer.


Thank you for reading this article and please, if you can think of other ideas, I encourage you to join in the conversation by leaving a comment in my section below.


Warm Wishes