How To Do Your Own Pest Control With Non-Toxic Solutions

Many of you are asking how to do your own pest control with non-toxic solutions, and believe it or not, there are many to choose from. I wrote a post previously talking about the most natural and non-deadly pest control form there is. This is done leaving no use of chemicals to pollute our Earth nor our bodies whatsoever. It was written in a humorous context but the general idea remains intact. I said I would do a review on some other products that you can try and so I’ve put together some information on a few of them that get my vote. These take very little effort on your part to maintain your ideals for greener and sustainable living. There are quite a large number of companies that sell such things, more than I expected, so have a read of this article and take a look around. You might be surprised at what is available nowadays.


Here Is But A Few!



How To Do Your Own Pest Control

Non-Toxic Cockroach Trap

The Cockroach Trap, Simple Yet Effective


This trap is non-toxic, therefore safe to use near food and surfaces, and based on using a natural attractant to lure cockroaches on to the trap to get stuck on the sticky base and die. Using this method over a long term can help reduce infestations and get them under control.


Pest Hidey Holes Are Targeted


These traps are best placed in areas where cockroaches love to live and breed, such as warm, dark places that are close to a food and water source for them. Under the kitchen or bathroom sink is a perfect little hidey-hole for them so placing the traps here will reduce instances and rid your home of these yucky little nasties. Along the walls and water pipes are a good area to place the traps as well.


Multiple Traps Per Packet and Only $8.95USD


Each packet contains 6 traps, each lasting approximately 2 months, however if full they should be replaced more frequently to ensure smooth eradication. The beauty of these is that they can easily be picked up and thrown in the garbage without the need to touch the dead bugs. They are pesticide free and do not require any liquid that makes a mess or causes damage to our homes. Once you have the infestation under control, you won’t need to purchase as regularly.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – Commonly Known As Insect Dust



Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth aka insect dust

This special dust is made from diatoms, fossilised algae that is made into a chalky type of powder that clings to the bodies of bugs as they crawl over it. Because the algae is a hard-shelled organism, the particles produced by the diatoms are very sharp and small and dig through the exoskeletons of insects etc, to cause them to dehydrate and die within 48 hours. This means that the method for killing the insects is a mechanical method rather than chemical.


Safe, Easy To Use, Effective On Many Types Of Insects


Diatomaceous Earth can be used on all kinds of insects and spiders, including many more common household pests, making this dust a very versatile and effective pest control process. Simply sprinkle the dust in areas that you have seen insects and leave for a few days before cleaning up. This product is safe enough to rub into your pets fur and cause no problems, but it will definitely cause some for the pesky bugs. It is also possible to sprinkle on carpets and leave until the next vacuuming day because it is non-toxic and won’t harm pets or humans.


Livestock Can Become Pest Free Using This, Cheap at $16.95USD


If you live on a farm or homestead with livestock, you can even dust the coats of your animals with the earth. You can also put it into their food to help get rid of parasites, and also flies can be reduced due to maggots being killed as they try to eat the dung that has been ejected by the animal that was fed the Diatomaceous Earth. This is VERY IMPORTANT – Please take care to use the food grade diatomaceous earth.



DynaZap Extendable Insect Zapper



Non-Toxic Products Including Pest Control Options

How To Do Own Pest Control

Zap Them Thar Critters!

If you are definitely not an insect lover and not interested in keeping the bugs alive, here is a fly swatter with a difference. The DynaZap, pictured on the left here, is one way to rid yourself of household pests.


Electrocution Is The Way


The flat part of the DynaZap is the part that becomes electrified so that when you swat an insect, it instantly  electrocutes it.


Extendable And Affordable at $14.95USD


The zapper has an extendable handle for easy usage and those hard to reach places. It can extend up to 3ft and can be angled up to 90 degrees. It requires 2 AA size batteries to operate. To save on costs and reduce waste, please look into using rechargeable batteries.


Lightweight and Useful For A Variety Of Bugs


It is lightweight so that if it does need to be extended it is still manageable. It can be used for flies, mosquitoes and even wasps if you want to get close enough, and many others. I know quite a number of unwelcome guests in my home that may get a taste of this little device. I’m particularly not fond of spiders and cockroaches, but when mosquitoes enter my house they have to go. They love me for some reason, but I definitely do NOT love them in return.


Bug Off Instant Screen Door


Bug Off Screen Door

This would have to be one of my favourite options because it means that it keeps the insects out without having to remove them or kill them. I would much prefer to live a life of allowing insects to survive in their natural environments, but when they come into my own environment, I don’t wish to share with them. Out they must go. I mentioned this door in a previous article but wanted to give more information here.


Very Easy To Use


Installation is simple, you place the bar at the top of the door frame and extend to fit. This door is magnetic so that it easily snaps back into place once you have walked through it. The magnets are sewn along the length of the closing section and the door is weighted to keep things in place. While there are quite a few standard sizes, I would recommend checking out the dimensions prior to ordering, just in case your door happens to be longer than the length of these screen door options. If the screen is shorter, you may wish to place something at the base to help prevent insects crawling in under the door, or flying underneath. One of those sand sausages that are made to keep out drafts might do the trick. Perhaps you can sew, tape or glue a small flap on the bottom to cover that area too.


The Door Is Hands-Free, Cheapest Door You Will Buy For Only $34.95USD


You don’t need to worry about needing hands to open the door, you can push through and it just snaps shut behind you. Meaning it is great to allow a much needed breeze on hot summer days and nights, without the fear of creepy crawlies getting inside. If you have pets, they can get in and out without you having to open the door for them, and having parties and BBQs are no problem at all.


It’s Not Permanent


If you prefer, you can use it only during the seasons that insects are more prevalent and take it down during the seasons where there is less risk of insects bothering you inside the home. In Australia, insects tend to be an all year round problem, however mosquitoes and flies are more regular visitors during our summer months. When you take the screen down, it rolls up neatly for easy storage. This also makes it easy to take away with you on holidays in case you have need of it while staying in a cabin, motor home or apartment. And you can quickly put it up and down whenever you have need of it.


I hope you have found some answers here to the burning question of how to do your own pest control without the use of toxic and dangerous chemicals. There are of course, some home made solutions available to you also, which I will leave for another article, but if you are pressed for time, or simply not that way inclined to do it yourself, these are a great place to start.


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