About Ange

About Ange

Having fun at Bellingham Maze for my granddaughter’s 5th birthday. I succeeded in finding my way around this maze, yay! http://www.bellmaze.com/

Hello, I’m Ange.

As you can see by the photo I do like to be silly and have a bit of fun.


This Is Me

I currently live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I am a mother and grandmother (albeit a young one) and ever since my daughter developed childhood Leukaemia, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (aka ALL) to be precise, I became interested in possible causes, healthier choices, alternative medicine, and reducing the toxins we place in and on our bodies, and the environment around us. I am also on the path towards living a lifestyle of self sufficiency, and want to encourage people to work towards sustainable living by incorporating what they are able to into their everyday lives. I have chosen to write about my experiences and the knowledge I gain as I learn about sustainable living, self sufficiency, eco-living and doing what we can to improve our overall health as a population and the health of our planet.


My Qualifications And Passions

I am a Bachelor of Health Science, have partially completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, I am a Reiki, Vitaflex and Raindrop Practitioner. I work with and am a great believer in therapeutic grade essential oils and nature’s other gifts. I am a member of a couple of companies that allow me to use products that are chemical free and safe from harmful ingredients and I have them to thank for my knowledge about how our personal environment plays a factor in the development of disease. I have a passion for emotional healing and in the future will be learning Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique as one modality, but am planning on researching other modes of treatment alongside. I am a carer for my daughter who now, as an adult, is battling, in fact has always been battling, the newly diagnosed adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). But the most detrimental for her is the slow progression towards Complex PTSD also known as Developmental Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which severely impacts on her everyday life and is a direct result of brain injury from the chemotherapy, and time in hospital, from her early childhood illness. I am also in the process of developing and writing two books, one discussing our journey through the illness and the after-effects, and the other is a self-help book about understanding who you are.


A Better Life And Future For Us All

I’m looking forward to learning all about living a better, healthier life, reducing my impact on our planet, and guiding others to do the same. I believe that we all have the ability to make steps, even small ones, to change this world for the better to create sustainability in all areas of life. I don’t want to live in a destroyed world where disease is the norm and food is a concoction of drugs and processed non-foods. I can’t recommend the best place to start because everyone is different, and at varying stages of awareness of what they can do to live this lifestyle. Each person will decide on a step to take that best fits their capabilities at this time. What step might you take?


Thanks for reading and I am very excited to be here to share information.





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