Eulogy To A Recyclable Friend – A Tongue In Cheek Look At Recycling

A Devastating Loss

For 25 years my friend has been loyal, faithful, and reliable, only in need of some very infrequent TLC, a real gem among lesser treasures and a pleasure to work with. Alas, I must say my goodbyes to a wonderful component in my life and wish beyond hope that your devotion will be recycled in your next mode of being.


My Knight In Shining Armour!


Eulogy to a recyclable friend

My Knight In Shining Armour

I am speaking of an inanimate object that has been part of my life since before my daughter, now 26, was born. It was entrusted to care for the health and hygiene of the most precious of gifts in life, a newborn baby. And since then, it has been a member of my household through all of my ups and downs, from my happy times, my daughter’s childhood leukaemia, through a separation and divorce, and finally, becoming a stalwart beacon in the years following, adding its support to my own strength and survival. Never complaining, always working hard, functioning without fault, and standing its ground in the face of becoming obsolete as new and improved models came into the fold. To that end, it performed valiantly, fighting to its very last puff, to carry out its duties.


I Knew It Could Not Last Forever!


Sadly my dearest, your time in this world is over, but I couldn’t have asked for better service from you. No matter what was going on, I could always depend on you to get the job done. You were an achiever, a valuable addition to our home life, and the best assistant anyone could want. We looked after each other, you more than me, and now that you are gone, your memory will live on. I”m thankful that I did look after you by not putting harsh and non-environmentally friendly chemicals inside you and added to your longevity. Every time I feel the sorrow of your loss, I also consider that you’ve moved into another place. I am comforted knowing that you will continue to bless the world in your next plane of existence and become a respected and recycled member of society. I salute you my friend, my protector, my worthy knight!



You Will Rise Again In Recycled Glory


This article is in honour of my washing machine, who lost its battle with time today, and which I very much doubt will be able to be replaced by a worthy enough machine to last the 25 years that it provided a service to me. To the company Hoover who manufactured the Elite model, thank you for producing such a fantastic, tough and lasting product. It will be missed, especially since nowadays washing machines rarely last more than 4 or 5 years, so they say. In this throw-away society we live in today, things just aren’t built to last like they used to be. Although I bought a brand new machine this morning, I expect I’ll need to start saving my pennies for the next one.


Your Light Will Continue To Shine Wherever You Are


Wherever my trusted old washing machine was taken away to, I’d like to think it will be recycled and put to good use in some environmentally friendly way, because I am an advocate of saving our planet as much as we can. Perhaps a use, like this wind turbine that is helping to provide power to homes in an effort to reduce the electricity consumption would be an appropriate after life for my washing machine. See this story by David Liston at



This wind turbine is made from a recycled washing machine.

A Final Farewell And A New Beginning


I’d like to share my final moments with my washing machine with you in the following image. I must admit, it took all of my self-restraint not to throw myself on it, crying out “why did you have to leave me?” But I knew it would not like that, it would want me to move on and be strong. So I said my silent goodbyes (the men collecting it would have thought I was rather odd anyway), took a photo of what would be my last moments shared with it as it was hauled down my stairs and taken away. I turned to my new appliance, adoption papers in hand, welcomed it to my humble abode, and proceeded to read the care and operation instructions as it started its new habitation with me.


Eulogy_to_a_recyclable_friend, recyclable

RIP My dearly departed, recyclable friend, may you rest in peace

May Your Carbon Footprints Always Be Small!


I took the liberty of immortalizing it by putting pen to paper and writing a poem. Please bear with me as I add this altered and much-shortened version of Eleanor Roosevelt’s poem “Footprints in Your Heart”, and forever preserve its memory right here on this page.



 “Many companions,

walk in and out of your life

But only true and loyal machines

leave boot imprints in your lino”.



In closing, and to add a lighthearted note, please watch the following 15 seconds video, which brings together two things close to my heart, a washing machine and a reference to Star Wars, both representing my all-time favorite heroes. All I can say is I hope this is not what happened to my faithful friend.

May The Force Be With You!





If you too, are interested in caring for our planet, and your health, please realise there are choices and information out there. We can choose to recycle our old washing machines and other white goods. We are able to use greener options by reducing our plastic usage. We can use energy efficient household goods and light globes. We can reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that we use daily and switch to other more environmentally safe products. We can even look after our own bodies by paying attention to what we put on it.

Thank you for reading my not so serious article. I thought adding some fun elements to my site might help remind you to come back and visit every now and then to see what other ideas and options are possible so we can all choose wisely when it comes to our planet, environment and health.



Until next time,


3 Cheers for Hoover & Recycling.


Take care and good wishes






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