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Avocado, Food for the poor

Avocado – nearly a complete food itself

This article is my second “Food for the Poor” article in a suggested sustainable living protocol that goes that little bit further towards improving how humanity interacts with each other. The idea is that it incorporates the values of what it means to be self sufficient and maintain sustainability worldwide, into a project to help the lesser fortunate people in their communities and eventually the world. Accessible food, is a provision that I think every individual and the wider community should strive to embrace where possible.


Self Sufficiency Is Not All About You!


I realise the whole meaning of self sufficiency for most people means looking after oneself, but I would hope that does not equate to not watching out for other people and allowing our fellow humans to suffer. I for one, would NOT like to live in a world like this, where a man would allow a neighbor to starve due to selfishness, instead of reaching out to that neighbor and helping him when times are tough. This encourages good will toward every man and if that person needs help themselves, at least they have good karma coming back to them in terms of the other person’s gratitude and therefore likeliness to want to help him back.


My Call To Action Is To Change The World If We Can


Acts of kindness can go a long way to forging a new and much more peaceful and happier path for the future of this planet. If we can get along and help each other as neighbors in a town, why not then, assume we can get along as neighboring countries? I believe once people are happier and begin to actually look out for one another, there will be a positive change worldwide that will be tangible and lead to much better quality of lives all around. Call me an idealist, but if nobody thought this way then we wouldn’t get very far as a population and I’m sure this is the very reason that we haven’t all killed each other off by now, because a large number of people do think this way. So when you can, please consider handing out free food, our surplus may influence another person’s whole existence.


What Is Preferable? Watching Children Becoming Nutritionally Deficient, Or Lending A Hand?



“Here, please take some tomatoes”

I know what I would choose, what about you? Think of it this way, we could stand by and watch a homeless person, or a young mother struggling to feed her children if a loss of job has affected them, or we can take action and give them something to eat without their pride being hurt. I say this because many people will not ask for help, but if they can see that something is there to be taken, such as a person offering up their ‘spare’ fruit and veggies for anyone to dig in to, they would be more likely to take this opportunity to eat. Especially if other people were seen to be helping themselves as well, or even if the person giving the food away was to physically hand out the food initially until the people who need it felt comfortable enough to just take it when offered..


Still Keeping It Green!


In doing this, we would also be encouraging a sustainable living lifestyle through keeping the ‘green’ on our Earth and giving ourselves a food source in which to help us financially too. By using the word ‘financially,’ I am referring to the fact that if we grow our own food, we will need less money to spend on purchasing the same items from a store. We could effectively cut our cost of living down by substantial amounts simply by growing our own food.


Love Thy Neighbor


This whole concept of ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ can extend into other areas of food production and more. If you provided a source of food and gave the excess to your neighbors when there was an abundant amount, you could use your food to gain someone else’s extras.

For example you grow fruit and vegetables, yet your neighbor, or quite possibly that young mother struggling to feed her kids, has access to a cow for milk, cheese, butter items, and suddenly you can barter or trade produce and still have reduced monetary expenses related to food. This is not a new thing, it is done already all over the world, but less in western countries because that would be like going back to the ‘dark ages’ for some people who are not used to this. I know at this point I am one of them, not used to it. I am endeavouring to change that now by implementing small changes in the right direction.


Now Suddenly We Are All Becoming Healthy Again


If we lived like this we would be literally eating much more healthily than if we were relying on all the processed foods in the store and not making the effort to make our own items such as stocks, sauces, and yes, even snacks. One of the best healthy lifestyle dietary choices is to choose to have 80% raw or whole foods and only 20% cooked. Eating all of these fresh fruit and veggies would be beneficial in so many ways and on so many levels, including strain on the health care system.


Avocado Ice-cream? Who Knew?


Avocado Ice Cream

There are so many more healthy snack and other food items available to you by living in

this way, that you could cut down costs even more by learning how to make many of these things yourself. For example, I recently heard that you can make ice cream from avocado.

Now there’s a good idea on how to use up surplus avocados. Imagine that? Using left over fruit to make a delicious ice cream snack that you might otherwise have paid a considerable amount for an item that is not even really a whole food by the time it undergoes all the processing. Or, going back to the neighbor friendliness, trade avocado ice cream for some treat they have made with their own surplus.


It Takes Commitment

Once again, I admit that this is looking at the situation with rose coloured glasses on, because to actually bring this lifestyle into being would take the commitment of many people, possibly and entire world population to achieve. However I do believe it is possible to encourage behaviour such as this between neighbors and the community. In fact this is the way most of those self-sufficient communities choose to live, by all working together as one unit to feed everyone in the community.


Is It At All Possible? Who Knows? But At Least We Are Doing Something!


I really hope providing food for the poor becomes a reality and that starting individually or as neighbors becomes the first step people take towards bringing it into the wider sustainable living concept. Let me know in the comments section what problems you can see in the planning or environmental aspects. I am just one person with a dream, with not so much knowledge of the finer details, maybe if we raise some questions, there may be some people able to find a solution to it so we can realise this new world.


Thank you for reading


Warm Wishes



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