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A significant trend today is people asking themselves this question; how to do my own pest control? Can I find a chemical free ant solution, or an alternative to sprays for spiders, how can I keep cockroaches away? More and more people are discovering the large numbers of chemicals that are bombarding our homes and our bodies. Many of these chemicals are doing a lot of physical harm, some of them accumulating in our tissue for many years before the damage they have done becomes apparent. Pesticides fall into this category. This is why people are now looking for alternatives.


Today We Delve Into Ants


In this particular article I will be discussing the problem of people finding themselves suddenly getting overwhelmed by ants? Yes, you guessed it. A colony of ants moves into your house and what is the first thing they do? They make themselves at home, eat anything and everything, getting in all kinds of nooks and crannies, and before too long you are left pulling your hair out wondering what to do with them.


Want to go ‘Pink Panther’ on these ants?


In other words – Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.


Would you like to try a chemical free ant solution to get rid of these pests without causing you to be inhaling all kinds of nasty chemicals found in those insect sprays? I know I would. I recently came across a solution that I am going to tell you about. It certainly is a much cheaper option, much more safe, and very easy to apply.


Got Ants? Never mind. They’ll be gone in a jiffy and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.




An Anteater is a possible solution, but that’s not it.

How To Do Own Pest Control

Warning, warning, anteater alert.

Is an anteater the solution? Well perhaps if you have access to one and you don’t mind cleaning up after them, it wouldn’t hurt. But I had something different in mind. Something that will have the ants shouting warnings to each other and packing up their food and homes to leave you to your own.


Grab the Food and Run

Bathroom Ant-ics.



Pesky little critters these can be.
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If you are reading this article it may be that like me, you have a problem. I have an ant infestation in my bathroom. They seem to be living behind my wall mirror and it’s becoming a real nuisance causing me to have to wipe everything down of all the dead ants on a daily, if not more, basis. I’m not seeing their trail, and I’m not seeing any live ones and I don’t know why they are dying, although I suspect it is from something they ate.

I thought wiping down where I thought their trail might be coming from might confuse them and cause them to move away, having broken their scent trail, but it doesn’t appear to have deterred them from living behind my mirror.


Hundreds Of Them


There are hundreds of them and every day without fail, I come into my bathroom after having cleaned them all up the day before, and lo and behold, there’s more of them. And hundreds again. I think they are eating the glue behind the mirror, thankfully the mirror is screwed on too, but I can’t be sure that is what they are doing. All I know is there are hundreds of them and they are all dead when I find them the next day


Here Are More Ant-ics


Why did the ant-elope?

Nobody gnu!

Is There A Safe, Chemical Free Solution?


I heard there was an easy fix, using of all things, cornflour, or cornstarch. The solution is to sprinkle a little cornflour at the point where they are coming in to your home, and I would also sprinkle some across any trails you find, and apparently they will just go, disappear, voila, poof, gone. So, today, I am going to go and buy some cornflour from the supermarket (I’ve run out at home) and try this to see what kind of results I get.  Cornflour is so cheap to buy, usually you can pick it up for a dollar or two, and you can use it many times before the packet runs out. So easy, cheap and natural to use, especially seems that most people would already have cornflour on hand in their pantries anyway.


So What Next?


Now it’s time to go and find the place where they are entering my home and getting behind my mirror. This will probably be the most difficult task as I haven’t seen them coming in from anywhere. Failing that, I will just sprinkle the cornflour around a few places and sit back and wait. I will come back and let you know how it all goes. The cornflour appears to work for two reasons, it has a tendency to block the area where they might enter and due to its light powdery consistency it must make it difficult for them to breathe with the cornflour coating their exoskeletons, along with impaired senses and ability to climb without slipping.


Meanwhile, if you try this at home, please drop me a comment to me to let me know if it worked for you. If this doesn’t work I will look for something else to share with you.



How_To_Do_Own_Pest_Control,Purification, therapeutic grade essential oils, essential oils, young living

Purification blend of therapeutic grade essential oils.


I wasn’t able to find the entry point of the ants currently, but sprinkling cornflour around has made a difference in one area where I think they might have been coming in. No more ants there.

I also found a huge trail of ants in my garage just the other day and because I couldn’t get to them with cornflour, I placed a drop of Purification Essential Oil across a few areas of the ant trail ahead of where they were going and herded them back towards their point of entry. Because this particular brand of therapeutic grade oils is very potent, the aroma was very strong and so I left the garage and closed the door, leaving the ants to run away from the scent and out of my garage.  The scent would have been extremely overpowering for their little bodies to cope with.


The Little Tykes Don’t Like Essential Oils


Purification is a proprietary blend of oils including Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melaleuca alternifolia, Myrtle, Citronella and Lavandin and is only available through Young Living. Because of their seed to seal guarantee of quality, and non-use of chemicals in their extraction process, I only trust this company when purchasing essential oils.

You may also make your own deterrent spray using this oil. The aroma will get into the areas you can’t and will help to drive the ants away. You simply need to add about 10 – 20 drops to a 60oz spray bottle and fill with 30 oz water and 30oz neutral spirits. Or you may simply use a smaller bottle and reduce the liquid quantities and drops of oil accordingly.


Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have used any other safe, non-toxic ways to rid your home of ants. Other people may be asking themselves “how to do my own pest control”, and they too may benefit from all of your answers.


Happy Ant Removal




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