What Is Going Green?

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We Hold The Earth In Each Of Our Hands

We are hearing on a daily basis the words green living and ‘going green’ but, what is going green, what do we mean by it? Many people are not truly aware of how important these simple words really are. Going green really means striving in every way possible to abide by a standard of green living. To live your life in as environmentally and eco-friendly responsible way as possible so as to reduce the impact we make as individuals on the ecology of our planet.


We All Need To Practice Keeping Our Planet Healthy


We can, and should, all practice ways in which to conserve the resources of our planet to keep it as healthy as possible and reduce harm from every individual’s perspective. Commonly these methods, which is the basis of this website, incorporate sustainability, alternative energy sources, green construction measures, recycling, choosing organic foods and other topics of environmental origin. There are more but they will be considered in other articles.


Where Else Is There To Go If We Ruin Our Own Planet?


Educating ourselves on how to choose a greener lifestyle and how we can lessen the impact we make on our environment is the first step to creating a safer and more eco-friendly world. They say charity begins at home, well I’m feeling very charitable towards our world. After all, we are living on this planet as if we have another place to go instead of using our resources carefully and thoughtfully to preserve it in as natural state as possible. If we are choosing better options, it may be easier for others to follow our example and lead a combined effort to fight for the same cause. Only then can we start ensuring that our children and grandchildren will have healthier lives and follow in our footsteps to keep it that way. We have to start NOW! Not next year, next month, not even tomorrow.

An Abundance Of Information Abounds


What-Is-Going-Green,Knowledge is Wisdom

Knowledge is Wisdom

If you are unsure of how you can participate in this attempt to rectify our world, then a visit to your local library, council, and searching the internet offers much information. My website here will help you to take those first steps.

Say no to heavily processed foods, a major culprit our decline in the health of our planet and our physical health, and yes to fresh fruit and vegetables and other whole foods.

Say no to global warming and yes to living on a healthy planet.




I know there are several views as to the validity of the global warming statistics, some even refuting it altogether, however I don’t want to take that chance with our future, do you?

There are always people who are going to cast doubt and stir up dissent. But truthfully, I think it’s quite obvious the direction this world will take if we keep using up our resources, not replenishing them, polluting our water and atmosphere, and it’s all downhill for the human population. We don’t need studies to prove or refute the theories out there. All we need is common sense.


Convenience or Life, Which Will You Choose?


Convenience is a thing of the present, but while it saves time and energy, the result is that it adds to the already polluted state of our world. Many things are made from plastic and often cast out in the trash, to degrade slowly, very slowly over hundreds of years. Start right now with some simple ideas with regards to small changes you can make today and begin to make a difference.These are easy, simple ways to begin to reduce your own carbon emissions


  • Walk sometimes, or ride a bike.
  • Grow your own herbs and vegetables.
  • Plant some trees, preferably some that grow fruit or nuts.
  • Eat a salad instead of MacDonalds
  • Make a fruit salad instead of buying a dessert
  • Sit outside under a shady tree where possible, instead of indoors in air conditioning
  • Turn all the lights off in the home at night when not in use, and also during the day. Many people are guilty of leaving lights on even during the day.
  • Being more mindful in everything you do

Baby Steps


If these ideas don’t seem like much, just remember the huge contribution they will make to living green if everyone adopted these small changes in their individual lives. No one expects us to change everything we do and use overnight, but we can still make a difference in how we, as individuals impact our immediate surroundings. Small baby steps will still get the job done and help others see the ease and value in doing something similar too. Doing the same things but choosing to do them in a slightly different, more environmentally aware choices is one of those small baby steps.


 Starfish In The Ocean


What_Is_Going_Green ,Starfish Story

Starfish Story

Have you heard the starfish story? There are a few versions but I like this one. An old man is walking along a beach where he comes across a boy throwing starfish back into the ocean. Looking around, the man sees there are hundreds, maybe thousands of starfish littering the beach.


It Does Make A Difference


The old man wonders what the boy is doing so he asks him. The little boy told him he was throwing them back. The man tells him why bother? He can’t possibly make a difference with so many of them strewn all over the place. To which the boy calmly picks up another one and throws it back in. He says to the man “it made a difference to that one”.


Profound Words

This story had a very profound effect on me and stuck in my mind. Whenever I feel lost and overwhelmed in what appears to be an enormous task, such as impacting our environment in a positive way, I think of this story and remember to keep plodding along the same path and eventually come at the destination I am aiming for. Complete environmental awareness and a healthy planet for all.


Make A Promise To The Starfish!


So here’s a promise to all the other starfish out there. We will make a difference too if you and I take these small steps towards living that greener life that is preferable to the Earth being destroyed. Share your knowledge and desires with your family, friends and neighbours, because only then, when more people become aware and start doing things to change it, we will create more and more changes. When someone asks you what is going green and why do you do it? You can tell them the starfish story and talk about taking baby steps, one at a time, to create a sustainable planet.


Thank you so much for reading and if you have any comments please feel free to leave them, we are all in this together, let’s work together and help each other.


Warm Wishes




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