What Is The Best Way To Make Money At Home?

What is the best way to make money at home, unlock your potential

They Key To Unlock Your Potential Is Within You

What is the best way to make money at home? For those of you who have chosen to move away from the big smoke and live self sufficiently, and for those of you who have not, you may find yourself asking this question. You may be a long way from a place where you can find work easily, or isolated somewhat, have a disability that stops you from working, or simply hoping to avoid the need for a lot of money. Perhaps you just need some extra cash to help you through a rough patch, or Christmas, or would like to take a holiday.


What Can You Do To Make Money From Home?


How can you increase your income from your home, allowing you to remain on your property to do what is necessary to maintain your choice of living sustainably or work within your limitations? Remember that this article is not only exclusive to the people who are choosing sustainable lifestyles, in fact, these ideas are for everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to make money from home. Did you know your own skills and knowledge are ripe for the picking and the internet has made earning an income from home a viable opportunity for so many more people to unlock their potential? YOU are the key, YOU are your own best way to make money at home. Allow me to elaborate.


The Possibilities Are Endless!



The Thinker by Rodin. Brainstorm yur way to success.


Many people find themselves at a loss about the possibilities, but believe me, there are many. I’ll touch on a few ideas here to help get you started.


There Is No Such Thing As Having “No Need For Money”


Let’s face it, even in a self-sufficient home, whether you like it or not, you may find yourself needing money at some stage and will need to plan for such an occasion. The world is no longer free no matter how much we wish it were otherwise. But you can still continue to work within your belief systems to earn a living or gain those few extra dollars needed.


There Is A Way Without Compromising What You Believe In


There is something for everyone if you just stop, take a breath in this hectic world, relax your mind and allow your thoughts to turn in the direction of what YOU can use to increase your income. Might I suggest that you take a good, long look at yourself, because the first way to start working out what you can do to earn more money, can be found at your own feet.


The First Step Is To Have A Brainstorming Session.


Sit down with a pen and paper and start writing things down. To earn a living from yourself, you must first get to know yourself. Pay particular attention to the following questions and how you answer them. I have a very long list of questions to ask yourself to enable you to dig really deep that will be available shortly, but here are a few examples to give you a general idea.


  1. What_is_the_best_way_to_make_money _at_home

    Are You A Farmer Or Do You Tend Animals?

    What are you good at?

  2. What do you do or have done as a job?
  3. What hobbies do you have?
  4. What are you passionate about?
  5. What holds your interest?
  6. What kinds of roles do you perform day after day? You may think the following as too simple; mother, father, teacher, sibling, human, caring, cook, cleaner, gardener, vegetable grower, livestock rearer, pet owner, nursing sick children, carer of the elderly, etc. But believe me, they are all important.
  7. What were your favourite subjects at school?
  8. What skills do you have?
  9. How do you spend your free time?
  10. What are your pet hates?
  11. Do you have a particular talent or skill that is unusual or hard to come by?
  12. Can you play music or write songs?
  13. Can you draw?
  14. Do you like craft?
  15. what is best way to make money at home

    Is Writing What You Are Passionate About?

    Can you sew or knit?

  16. Can you build things?
  17. Do you have items that you don’t need anymore?
  18. Are you practical or inventive?
  19. Can you use a video recorder or smart phone?
  20. Where do you like to holiday?
  21. Are events such as Christmas special to you?
  22. Do you enjoy writing, whether it be stories, poems, articles etc?
  23. Do you have food allergies?
  24. Are you following a particular method of eating?
  25. Are you healthy?
  26. Do you exercise and keep fit?
  27. Do you prefer a minimalist lifestyle?
  28. Do you have a disability?
  29. Do you have DIY skills?
  30. Do you have a computer and the internet? (To live sustainably, while not ideal to continue using some technology, I believe it is not a good idea to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. There are also forms of technology that you will most likely be relying upon, such as solar panels and cooking facilities etc).


As I’ve said, these are only a small representation of the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself.


So You’ve Written Down Your Answers, What Now?


The majority of the topics can be grouped into 3 categories, ‘products’, ‘services’ and ‘information/education’. The next step is to think about which category each of your answers to the above questions fall into. You may like to write them down on a sheet of paper or in a word document or excel spread sheet. I plan to elaborate more on each individual item listed above, plus many more, in an eBook and an extended version of this list that should be available for access soon, but for now I will pick out a few of them and discuss how you can turn them into cash flow.


Category 1 Homemade Items – Use Your Creative Skills And Sell At Markets or Online.

Art and Crafts



Did You Know That Making Knitted Items, Or Making Patterns For Them, Can Earn You Money?

From the list, here are just some of the ideas that can be turned into money machines by making things at home. For example, if you are crafty, if you sew, knit, are artistic in terms of drawing and painting or other forms of media, you can turn these into a form of income. You may not feel confident, or you simply may not have thought about it, but there are a lot of people willing to pay good money for hand made items.


Example 1 – My Friend The Knitter


I know of a lady who knits little items for the children to play with at the child care center she works at. She has written her own patterns for each item. There is money to be made not just on one category, but across several.


She Could Be Making Money Several Ways!


She has already made more and started to sell them at markets. What she hadn’t considered was that other people may like to buy those patterns to learn how to knit them for themselves. She could sell her items or her patterns, or both, on a website such as Etsy. Expanding on that, she could make up little kits containing the patterns, a set of needles and the yarns of wool required. Better yet, she could build her own website very simply (see at the end) and use it to sell her patterns directly to customers rather than go through a middle man, she gets worldwide exposure included. There is room for future creations and even series of patterns. What about creating a pattern book with a few designs including step by step instructions? There is also room for more growth and expansion. There is a market out there. More on this topic soon as we cover each category.





A Group Of Buskers Happily Playing Their Music

If you can play music or write songs, your talent may be appreciated at local cafes, markets, street celebrations or other events. Busking enables you to get yourself noticed locally where you may be asked to perform. If you video record yourself and upload it onto YouTube or Vimeo, you are putting yourself in front of an audience that will like and share you on the various forms of social media. Music scouts are often scouring the internet for unknown artists.


Example 2 – My Friend Earns A Good Income From His Passion


I have a friend who has a degree in Law but chose music over this to pursue his passion for music. He is already a professional musician but also enjoys making videos for his music and uploading to You Tube. He is very talented at this as well as an excellent performer. He now earns a very lucrative living from his music and hasn’t needed to be known far and wide. There are ways for him to earn money by allowing advertising on his video clips, and there is the potential for earning money in other ways too which I will speak of soon.


Can You Sing or Write Songs? What About Writing Songs For Others Or Becoming A Professional Singer?


Sell the songs you write. Yes, you can. There are ways to pitch your song to a music producer and even to a particular artist that you think would suit your song. If you like the work of a specific artist you can approach them to hear your song. Google is your friend, a simple search will give you the answers you need, but remember to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” when it comes to safeguarding your work. Playing a musical instrument as well as singing, opens up more doors of opportunity. This is only scratching the surface on just one of the ideas, there are more ways you can build an income from music which will be discussed a little more later or in my book.


DIY – Do It Yourself


the best way to make money at home

Table made from a barrel

If you are great at DIY projects with furniture, look for old furniture at garage sales and dumps and spruce them up with fresh new paint etc. Many people are interested in purchasing rustic items that have been revamped. You can create totally new and modern looks, or restore back to the original, or even change it from one thing to something else.


Example 3 – A Simple Wine Barrel Can Become So Much More


Take a look at this table made from an old wine barrel. Just off the top of my head I can think of 13 more uses for this barrel. A storage trunk using both halves of the barrel and a couple of hinges, a bookshelf, a display cabinet, a sand pit, a garden bed, a pond, a baby cradle, a work bench, a seat, a child’s play boat or water tray, a livestock trough. What about building walls with them? You would have ready made alcoves for shelving or put doors on them and turn them into cupboards.

When you create something, Take it to sell at markets, roadside stalls, car boot sales. Use signage on your property to attract passers-by, advertise your products on a website, Etsy, or Amazon. As with any of the items mentioned above, search for Google Images, or on Pinterest and Etsy and you will find plenty of ideas. Building a website is easy, I will tell you how shortly.


Category 2 – Services You Can Provide

Are you beginning to see just how many opportunities there are to earn money through making things yourself and selling them? Did you realise that there are also many things you can do that provide a service to others? Let’s take a look at the list again. You will notice that some of the questions on the list naturally flow into the providing services category.


Use Your Job Or Skills To Increase Your Income



Sewing Is An Art

If you have or had a job where you provided a service, there will most likely be opportunities for you to earn money doing the same. Do you repair computers for a living? Do you work for someone else? Could you start doing jobs on the side to build up clientele for extra income? What roles do you perform on a daily basis? Could you turn your hand to providing a day care service? Are you capable of providing home care for an elderly or disabled neighbour? Cleaning and/or ironing, for people who are time constrained, can be quite lucrative. Do you like shopping? There are people who have a need to have someone shop for them.

Going back to the topic of sewing, do you sew your own clothes? Start a service making clothing alterations or as a dress maker. If you knit, there are many people who don’t know how to knit but love knitted clothing or scarves, etc. Fill their need by providing a knitting service. Gardeners most likely own a lawn mower and other garden equipment. Busy people need their lawns mowed and gardens cared for. If you are a painter by trade, now or in the past, you can provide a service to paint people’s homes. The same can be said for someone who does pest control, mechanical work, window repair, and almost any other job that offers a service.


Animals And Pets Can Earn You An Income!



Horses Pull A Sleigh Through The Snow

If you own horses, rent them out, or rent yourself and your horse out to someone who has need of one. People love trail rides, set up a trail and take people for rides.

Spare land? Provide an agistment service for horses for people who do not have the space to keep a horse. Build a cattery or dog kennel and house pets while people are away. Extend that to pet transportation when people need to get to the airport but cabs may not allow pets. Walking or washing dogs, or even cars for that matter, is another opportunity to earn extra cash. Some of these can be offered at the one place.


What Do Fitness Buffs, Handymen, Energy Healers and Tarot Readers Have In Common?


Nothing much, except that they all fit into the category of providing a service. Do you exercise regularly? Would you consider hiring yourself out as a personal motivator to work and exercise alongside another person who is trying to become fit but needs the support? If you can build things, chances are you are also a bit of a handyman. Let people know that you are available to do odd jobs for them.  If you are into natural or energy healing, your skills in this area becomes your income by providing a service to those in need. Tarot readers are popular and often don’t even need to have any reputation to begin their career.


Category 3 – When In Doubt, Ask A Teacher


That’s what we all do. If we don’t know how to do something, we look to a person who does and learn from them. We’ve looked at items to sell and services you can provide, but there is also a market in education. Use what you know how to do and teach, tutor or educate others on your topic of interest or in how to do what you do. Teaching comes in many forms; a classroom setting, webinars or video tutorials, books, articles and courses, online or physical, workshops, hands on learning, Skype.


What Could YOU Teach?


Nearly everything that I’ve discussed thus far can also be placed in this category. If you knit, sew, or do craft, you can just sell it or go to  another level and teach others, like I discussed about my friend with her patterns for knitting. She could teach how to knit the items, but she could also set up a beginner’s, intermediate and advanced knitters course. Most likely a video course would work, but a book may just as easily do the trick. She could teach by way of demonstrating how to make each item from start to finish. She could also go into advanced knitting or even teach others how to write their own patterns, she could hold workshops or one on one training.

Depending on what she wanted to do, she could set up YouTube videos and get paid for advertising on her videos as a secondary income. Or she could sell individual videos for each item. She might make a course of videos to sell. Teaching by demonstration is a great way to help others learn, you don’t necessarily have to be an actual teacher, or have any experience in it, as long as it is thorough and teaches what needs to be taught by making sure you are not missing anything, and what you teach is understandable. I find that if you are knowledgeable about something, you find it very easy to teach others.

If you don’t know how to make videos, get someone to help you, or better yet, teach you. Which leads me to another service that could be offered. People who have experience making and editing videos, can offer their services to do this for people for a fee, and they can also offer a service to teach other people how to do this as well. I could use a service like that at the moment because I haven’t a clue how to do this myself, but I would like to learn. Once again, this could be physical teaching, but it could also be done by video tutorial, book, article series to name just a few.


best way to make money at home

My Father With Several Other Members Of The Military Band He Performed In

Example 4 – Sell Your Passion To Others By Teaching Them


My father was a musician in the military. He was a member of the brass section of a military band. He is a classic example of how his passion for music took him to a secondary income opportunity.


Single Income Family? No Problem, Music Has Got You Covered


We were a single income family while I was growing up and my Dad had to find a way to make ends meet. When he wasn’t performing in an orchestra somewhere, or at a football grand final, or military tattoo, he taught music at several private schools.

My Dad was not a qualified teacher, but he was so good at what he did, they hired him to teach music classes to a small group of students. He earned an income by putting himself out there and asking around, and found 3 different schools who were interested in hiring him.

Nowadays, you can build a website (see further down) and use it to advertise yourself and your teaching course, among other things. Teaching music online or by video, live or recorded, is much easier than being required to physically be present in a classroom environment, and some of it can be done at any time of the day or night.

But there is also the option of becoming a music tutor. Of putting yourself out there, like my Dad did, and giving private music lessons.




Have I Used This Technique?


You may be wondering if I have used this question process myself to find my own ways of earning money. The answer is a very emphatic YES! I would not be here today telling you that you need to look into yourself if I had not at first done so myself. I asked myself these questions to learn more about me, who I am and what I know and I found quite a lot to work with. I realised;

  • I am a carer
  • I have a Bachelor of Health Science degree
  • I studied some Naturopathy
  • I am an energy healer
  • I do body work in Raindrop Technique and Vitaflex.
  • I am passionate about essential oils and aromatherapy
  • I prefer avoiding chemicals
  • I am beginning my journey to sustainable living and clean eating
  • I am a little crafty
  • I like scrapbooking
  • I loved Art at school
  • I am keen to teach others about self care and personal development.
  • I like writing
  • My goal is to teach others about things that relate to the knowledge that I have in all of these areas. I do this in my articles
  • I am writing a couple of books an am a blogger.
  • I love Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit
  • I love reading.

I know there is much more to add, but I have basically described to you in a small nutshell, ME, and each of the ways I am working with to increase my income.  Your skills will vary and align with very different areas to mine, but all are equally valuable enough to teach them to others. The key is in finding out who you are and this will lead to what you can offer. How you offer it is up to you, whether you choose to go down the path of producing your own items to sell, providing a service, or educating others, or all three. For myself, I’m doing a bit of everything because I believe that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in the one basket. Building multiple streams of income makes a lot of sense to me.


If You Are A Bit Stuck, I Highly Recommend Affiliate Marketing As A Starting Point


Something I am really enjoying right now, combined with my love for writing, is blogging. It has allowed me to build one or more websites and write about what really interests me or topics that I am familiar with and earn an income on the side. But I didn’t know how to go about it, nor could I follow a lot of the information out there. What I did find was very disjointed and nothing made any sense.


I Found Someone To Teach Me


wealthy affiliate, wealthy affiliate university,

Wealthy Affiliate Is My Choice Of Starting An Online Business

Thankfully I discovered a training platform that not only helps you build a website almost instantly, but has the most comprehensive training course that I have ever come across, teaching you ways to earn an income from the internet. The focus is on affiliate marketing, but there is so much information among the community, that many areas of online business are covered.


I cannot speak highly enough of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s versatility and of the ingenious two young men who created it. Their ethical contribution to the world of internet marketing gets my vote. There are different levels of membership. You can opt for a completely free membership, or take a monthly package, or really invest in your business idea and purchase a yearly premium membership.



If you want to know what is the best way to make money at home, I hope that I have given you an abundance of ideas here for you to consider. You’ll be amazed at your own untapped potential if you spend the time and take action on the questions and learn more about what YOU have to offer.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this article as I have never written quite such a long one before. Please comment in the section below. Thank you for reading and please sit down and go over the information I have left you with to determine who you are and how you can contribute to your own adventure into working from home.


Warm Wishes


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